Saturday, March 29, 2008

Digital Cameras

I just returned from a seventh grade field trip to Costa Rica. We traveled with three adults and 14 students for a week. It was a great trip, but what was amazing to me was how beneficial the digital cameras were for the learning processes. The kids would go and explore a section of the rain forest and then come back to our guide and ask questions about the plants and animals they had identified. It made the educational experience much more personal for them because they were the ones bringing the questions to the adults. My colleagues and I were talking about all of the possibilities these cameras could provide. While we were walking we developed a Rain Forest Scavenger hunt that we had the kids do on the next hike. It was fabulous. Next time I'll bring my laptop so we can then put their pictures together for a slide show.

With the implementation of new technology, the way we teach will be changed dramatically. We're now trying to give parents constant feedback by posting grades online and listing homework as well as creating much more interactive environments in which to teach our kids. wonder we're always tired.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I've often asked myself what am I going to be when I grow up and I always have an answer. I changed my major 11 times in college and each time it just felt "right" and I knew it was my true calling. Now, I'm trying to figure out what my next option might be and I'm leaning on the idea of teaching online. I've researched and applied to a couple of different online high schools, and I've looked at some of the online universities and I'm just not sure that I am all that qualified. My undergraduate degree is in English Education with a minor in Educational Technology, and now I'm completing my Master's in Educational Technology at SDSU. Do I need to get a Master's in English to teach online? What are others doing? How did they get their online teaching jobs? What are their qualifications? Is this a career for a much later time in my life? Can anybody shed some light on this future career choice for me?

Addendum: Ok, so I have teaching certificates in Iowa and California. Time to get a National Certification I guess. It is so hard to plan for "anytime" "anywhere".