Monday, July 27, 2009

Working for California Lutheran

I was hired in July to be a Media Specialist for LVUSD. We have consolidated 8 positions into 3 for the next school year. Our department will be managing 14 libraries as well as technology training for the entire district. Sleep is clearly not in the game plan for next year.

In addition to that I have been hired on at California Lutheran University to re-write/design technology courses for the School of Education. The courses will clear the CA supplemental credential in Computer Concepts and Applications. Students must take four courses including at least one course in each for the following areas: (A) software evaluation and selection, (B) hardware operation and functions, and (C) classroom uses of computers. (The fourth is a computer elective.) It seems to me that future computer teachers would benefit more from a course in how to teach computers rather than computer hardware operations or software evaluation, but I'm not on that committee (yet).

I'm looking for articles on educational technology to include in the new syllabi for the computer education courses. Suggestions are most welcome!

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