Monday, September 14, 2009

Finding Balance

I had an entire weekend to myself. No plans, no pressing projects, no obligations and it was fabulous. I needed some time to spend with me. Sounds stupid, but I feel rejuvenated.

I love my job - and I am capable of spending almost every waking moment (and some of the sleeping moments) working in some capacity. I check e-mail constantly all hours of the day. In fact once my alarm goes off in the morning the first thing I do is check my e-mail on my phone to make sure there are no major fires to put out. I love the philosophy work hard - play hard. I'm learning to be spontaneous to enjoy time with friends and family when the opportunities present themselves. But this weekend, I took time to read magazines, laze around the house, listen to music and accomplish little to nothing. Balance, for me is about finding and creating the quiet times and I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by things I love - job, friends, family, and every once in a while - nothing but myself.

Time to check e-mail and prepare for work tomorrow. :-)

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